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Bench Press

Gym WordPress theme, exercises of the upper body.


Enhances physical fitness and overall health and wellness.


Help build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance.


Important to fitness and fat loss for several reasons.

Made For Fitness


Our Gym offers spaces integrated, ample size, comfort and amazing equipments.

We at Aesir Gym theme are here to provide a unique environment in which anyone can be comfortable. Gym is a diverse facility where a lasting, active lifestyle can be built. We are a means to an end, not a brand name. Gym is a tool that may be used by anyone. In short, it’s all about you. We seek to offer a safe, healthy environment, where everyone feels accepted and respected.

Gym has a diverse range of equipment, as a result, classes and functional training meaning that there is definitely something here for you. All our classes – group fitness, small group training and personal training can be modified to suit your needs.

What is special about our gym is that we always have a trainer on the floor and ready to assist you where required. And what’s more the cost of this personal training service is included in the membership price!

Lives That Move Designed For You

Custom meal plans and a huge recipe archive. You will never be bored with your food again.

Access to over 600+ workouts. You will never have to think of a workout again!

12 week home or gym programs tailored for you, complete with pictures, tips and videos.

You are not on your own, with full support along the way. Results are guaranteed!


Weekly workout plan 100% tailored to your fitness level.

Firstly, become an exclusive Aesir Gym theme member and have access to your very own 12-week tailored exercise program.

I will design you a custom program that you can either complete from home or from the gym. It will be all set out for you in your calendar week with pictures, tips and instructional videos for each workout, so, it will be clear and easy to follow.

Above all, with the program being tailored 100% to you and your goals results are guaranteed!

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Gym & Fitness has partnered with major companies in the fitness industry such as Reebok.

Our organization was built on the strong belief that, through fitness, the world can be changed one person at the time.

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